Lisa Miller vs. Jill Sessions - Who is better for Polk Schools?

Lisa Miller vs. Jill Sessions: Who's Better for Polk Schools?

Jill Sessions is running on a platform of FEAR. Let's take a look at some FACTS:

Jill Sessions has never been in our schools. In fact, she doesn't even work in Polk County. By day she is the Director of Solid Waste for the City of Plant City.

Jill Session does not own property in Polk County. According to records she only moved to District 7 in June in order to qualify to run as a candidate in the district.

Jill Sessions hired a convicted felon to run her campaign. This could explain the current investigation into illegal text messages that were sent early in the race targeting Lisa Miller.

The majority of Jill Sessions's campaign is not funded by local supporters. Her primary support appears to come from a dark-money political PAC for a non-partisan race.

Lisa Miller Quick Facts

Polk County Native, Living in District 7 for Eight Years
Works FULL TIME as a School Board Member
Born & Raised in Polk county - Attended Polk County Schools
A Teacher in Polk County Schools for Four Years
Children & Family Attended Polk County Schools
Local Business Owner
Campaign Funded Locally and Staffed by Local Volunteers
Parent Advocate for a Decade Before Running For School Board

Jill Sessions claims to have a mission for Polk County Schools.

Lisa Miller has already been making it happen.

Let's take a closer look. Click on each of the items below to see the FACTS:

FACT: During Lisa’s tenure, the school board has increased video coverage of ALL meetings and work sessions.  Additionally, during her term, the district has made all meeting documents available to everyone.

FACT: Lisa Miller called for an efficiency audit covering multiple aspects of the overall district operations. This audit will be public record when completed.

What People Are Saying About Lisa Miller..

Howard Wiggs, Former Lakeland Mayor
Cheryl Marino, Social Worker
Lois Horn-Diaz, 2017 Polk Teacher of the Year